I am a professional musician playing an unusual instrument – the panflute – and a music producer.

I was born in Opava, Czech Republic, and I got my first music education at the Václav Kálik Primary School of Art, where I was also a member of its brass band. In 1995 I was admitted to Janáček Conservatoire in Ostrava as a trumpet player. Having completed my studies, I became first trumpet of the Prague Castle Guards Band, where I honed my skills as an artist alongside excellent musicians. Then I was engaged by the National Moravian-Silesian Theatre and by the Silesian Theatre in Opava.

After taking a break from music for some time I coincidentally met the world-famous panpipe player, Liselotte Rokyta, and I fell in love with the instrument. It was under her tutelage that I learned to play this remarkable instrument and nowadays I give concerts all over the Czech Republic as well as abroad. I collaborate with leading Czech musicians and I have also become a sales representative of a Polish panpipe maker in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.


Projects & partnerships

Besides my own solo concerts I collaborate with many leading Czech singers and musicians both as a producer and performer.

On a regular basis I perform with singers Daniel Hůlka, Kateřina Brožová and Bohuš Matuš as well as with pianist Táňa Vaněčková, and I have played with saxophonist Felix Slováček Jr., violinist Jaroslav Svěcený, guitarist Lubomír Brabec and opera singers Andrea Kalivodová and Vladimír Chmel, but also as a soloist Prague Chamber Orchestra.


Pan Flute

According to legend, the Arcadian god Pan, patron of shepherds and their herds, fell in love with a beautiful nymph called Syrinx. Because Pan was half-man and half-goat, she didn’t requite his love. When his interest in Syrinx became unbearable for her, she began to run away from him and hide. However, Pan kept following her all the way to a river. It was there that the nymph asked the chief deity, Zeus, to turn her into reeds and he answered her plea. Pan’s love for her was so strong that he used the reeds to make a musical instrument consisting of pipes of different lengths and every evening he played mournful, gloomy melodies on it.

Videos & photos

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You Raise Me Up 

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Song From A Secret Garden 2020
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Who Wants to Live Forever 

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Once Upon A Time In The West


Syrinx instrument z.s.
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